Logistics, Distribution, & Supply Chain Mgt.

Across North America and around the world, Toyota's vision is to create mobility and happiness for all. At the heart of this global vision are the Product Support teams. Our efforts are essential in keeping our Toyota and Lexus customers moving forward.

Product Support team members assure Toyota’s legendary quality, durability, reliability and overall customer satisfaction for every Toyota and Lexus vehicle on the road.  In addition, our best-in-class supply chain operations ensure timely delivery of vehicles, parts and accessories to our North America dealers and global distributors.
Our teams also partner with other manufacturers, non-profits and community organizations to share our world-renowned Toyota Production System to help them stay competitive, preserve jobs and support more people in need—and that benefits all.

Supply Chain Management


Our Supply Chain Management teams plan and equip the Toyota and Lexus vehicles that arrive to our customers in approximately 40 countries.  In order to achieve this, we work cross functionally to plan and launch new model vehicle and unit projects, forecast market and sales demand, develop vehicle and unit production plans including which specifications to build, add accessories to the vehicles and work with our rail and transportation partners to move vehicles efficiently from our ports and plants to dealers around the world.


Toyota Production System Support Center


Our years of manufacturing experience have taught us that small improvements can make a big difference — and we've learned that this approach can help other organizations too. So, for 25 years, we have shared our know-how with other manufacturers, non-profits and community organizations to help them find better ways of doing their day-to-day work. Sharing our ideas this way helps our partners stay competitive and preserve jobs or support more people in need.